Meaning of ORBIT in English


/ ˈɔːbɪt; NAmE ˈɔːrbɪt/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ C , U ] a curved path followed by a planet or an object as it moves around another planet, star, moon, etc. :

the earth's orbit around the sun

a space station in orbit round the moon

A new satellite has been put into orbit around the earth.


[ sing. ] an area that a particular person, organization, etc. deals with or is able to influence :

to come / fall / be within sb's orbit

■ verb

orbit (around sth) to move in an orbit (= a curved path) around a much larger object, especially a planet, star, etc. :

[ vn ]

The earth takes a year to orbit the sun.

[also v ]



mid 16th cent. (referring to the eye socket): from Latin orbita course, track (in medieval Latin eye socket), feminine of orbitus circular, from orbis ring.

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