Meaning of PEOPLE in English

/ ˈpiːpl; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ pl. ] persons; men, women and children :

At least ten people were killed in the crash.

There were a lot of people at the party.

Many young people are out of work.


[ pl. ] persons in general or everyone :

He doesn't care what people think of him.

She tends to annoy people.

HELP NOTE : Use everyone or everybody instead of 'all people'.


[ C ] all the persons who live in a particular place or belong to a particular country, race, etc. :

the French people

the native peoples of Siberia

—see also townspeople


the people [ pl. ] the ordinary men and women of a country rather than those who govern or have a special position in society :

the life of the common people

It was felt that the government was no longer in touch with the people.

—see also little people


[ pl. ] men and women who work in a particular type of job or are involved in a particular area of activity :

a meeting with business people and bankers

These garments are intended for professional sports people.


[ pl. ] ( literary ) the men, women and children that a person leads :

The king urged his people to prepare for war.


[ pl. ] the men and women who work for you or support you :

I've had my people watching the house for a few days.


[ pl. ] ( BrE , informal ) guests or friends :

I'm having people to dinner this evening.


[ pl. ] ( old-fashioned ) the men, women and children that you are closely related to, especially your parents, grandparents, etc. :

She's spending the holidays with her people.

—see also boat people , street people , tradespeople


- of all people

- people (who live) in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

—more at man noun , thing

■ verb

[ vn ] [ usually passive ] people sth (with sth) to live in a place or fill it with people :

The town was peopled largely by workers from the car factory and their families.

The ballroom was peopled with guests.



Middle English : from Anglo-Norman French poeple , from Latin populus populace.

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