Meaning of RECEIPT in English

/ rɪˈsiːt; NAmE / noun


( NAmE also ˈsales slip ) [ C ] receipt (for sth) a piece of paper that shows that goods or services have been paid for :

Can I have a receipt, please?

to make out (= write) a receipt


[ U ] receipt (of sth) ( formal ) the act of receiving sth :

to acknowledge receipt of a letter

The goods will be dispatched on receipt of an order form.

Are you in receipt of any state benefits?


receipts [ pl. ] ( business ) money that a business, bank or government receives :

net / gross receipts



late Middle English : from Anglo-Norman French receite , from medieval Latin recepta received, feminine past participle of Latin recipere . The -p- was inserted in imitation of the Latin spelling.

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