Meaning of REDUCE in English


/ rɪˈdjuːs; NAmE -ˈduːs/ verb


[ vn ] reduce sth (from sth) (to sth) | reduce sth (by sth) to make sth less or smaller in size, quantity, price, etc. :

Reduce speed now (= on a sign) .

Costs have been reduced by 20% over the past year.

Giving up smoking reduces the risk of heart disease.

The number of employees was reduced from 40 to 25.

The skirt was reduced to £10 in the sale.


[ vn , v ] if you reduce a liquid or a liquid reduces , you boil it so that it becomes less in quantity


[ v ] ( NAmE , informal ) to lose weight by limiting the amount and type of food that you eat :

a reducing plan


[ vn ] ( chemistry ) to add one or more electrons to a substance or to remove oxygen from a substance

—compare oxidize


- reduced circumstances


- reduce sb/sth (from sth) to sth / to doing sth

- reduce sth to sth



late Middle English : from Latin reducere , from re- back, again + ducere bring, lead. The original sense was bring back ; this led to bring to a different state , then bring to a simpler or lower state (hence sense 2); and finally diminish in size or amount (sense 1, dating from the late 18th cent.).

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