Meaning of REDUCE in English


v. 1 cut (back), cut down (on), decrease, diminish, moderate, abate, lessen, shorten, truncate, abbreviate, abridge, curtail, crop, trim, compress, restrict, limit, stunt We must reduce expenses this year 2 ease (up on), let up (on), decrease, mitigate, tone down, slacken up (on) It will reduce the burden of your costs if you share with me 3 lose weight, slim (down), diet, trim down, Chiefly US slenderize You'll have to reduce to fit into that dress, Betty 4 change, modify, adjust, turn, convert; break down or up, grind, rub, triturate, pulp, powder Payment of the debt reduced me to poverty The first step is to reduce the liquid to a thick extract. 5 cut, decrease, trim, bring down, lower, drop, mark down, slash, Colloq knock down The prices on these shoes have been reduced for a quick sale 6 demote, degrade, lower, downgrade, break; humble; Military US and Canadian bust He was reduced in rank from sergeant to private 7 diminish, lessen, bring down, depreciate, subdue, belittle, minimize He was reduced in her estimation when she saw the deprecating way his friends treated him 8 Medicine set, adjust, reset The doctor caused little pain when he reduced her dislocated finger

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