Meaning of ROPE in English


/ rəʊp; NAmE roʊp/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ C , U ] very strong thick string made by twisting thinner strings, wires, etc. together :

The rope broke and she fell 50 metres onto the rocks.

We tied his hands together with rope.

The anchor was attached to a length of rope.

Coils of rope lay on the quayside.

—see also jump rope , skipping rope , tow rope


the ropes [ pl. ] the fence made of rope that is around the edge of the area where a boxing or wrestling match takes place


[ C ] a number of similar things attached together by a string or thread :

a rope of pearls


- give sb enough rope

- on the ropes

- show sb / know / learn the ropes

—more at end noun , money

■ verb [ vn ]


[+ adv. / prep. ] rope A and B together | rope A to B to tie one person or thing to another with a rope :

The thieves had roped the guard's feet together.

I roped the goat to a post.


to tie sth with a rope so that it is held tightly and safely :

I closed and roped the trunk.


( especially NAmE ) to catch an animal by throwing a circle of rope around it

SYN lasso


- rope sb in | rope sb into sth

- rope sth off



Old English rāp , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch reep and German Reif .

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