Meaning of SHELTER in English


/ ˈʃeltə(r); NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ U ] the fact of having a place to live or stay, considered as a basic human need :

Human beings need food, clothing and shelter.


[ U ] shelter (from sth) protection from rain, danger or attack :

to take shelter from the storm

The fox was running for the shelter of the trees.

People were desperately seeking shelter from the gunfire.


[ C ] (often in compounds) a structure built to give protection, especially from the weather or from attack :

They built a rough shelter from old pieces of wood.

an air-raid shelter

—see also bus shelter


[ C ] a building, usually owned by a charity, that provides a place to stay for people without a home, or protection for people or animals who have been badly treated :

a night shelter for the homeless

an animal shelter

—see also hostel

■ verb


[ vn ] shelter sb/sth (from sb/sth) to give sb/sth a place where they are protected from the weather or from danger; to protect sb/sth :

Trees shelter the house from the wind.

helping the poor and sheltering the homeless

Perhaps I sheltered my daughter too much (= protected her too much from unpleasant or difficult experiences) .


[ v ] shelter (from sth) to stay in a place that protects you from the weather or from danger :

We sheltered from the rain in a doorway.



late 16th cent.: perhaps an alteration of sheld , an old spelling of shield , + -ure .

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