Meaning of SHOVEL in English


/ ˈʃʌvl; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


a tool with a long handle and a broad blade with curved edges, used for moving earth, snow, sand, etc. :

workmen with picks and shovels

( NAmE )

The children took their pails and shovels to the beach.

—compare spade


the part of a large machine or vehicle that digs or moves earth

■ verb

( -ll- , US -l- ) [ vn ] to lift and move earth, stones, coal, etc. with a shovel :

A gang of workmen were shovelling rubble onto a truck.

They went out in freezing conditions to shovel snow.

( NAmE )

to shovel the sidewalk / driveway (= to remove snow)

( figurative )

He sat at the table, shovelling food into his mouth.



Old English scofl , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schoffel , German Schaufel , also to the verb shove .

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