Meaning of SHOVEL in English


I. ˈshəvəl noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English scofl; akin to Middle Low German schūfle, schuffele shovel, Old High German scūfla, scūvala, Old Swedish skofl shovel, Old English scūfan to shove — more at shove


a. : a hand implement consisting of a broad scoop or a more or less hollowed out blade with a handle used to lift and throw material (as earth, coal, grain)

b. : a working part in an implement or machine resembling a shovel in shape or use: as

(1) : a working point in a cultivator

(2) : the share of a shovel plow — compare twisted shovel

(3) : spade

c. : an excavating machine

2. : shovel hat

3. : shovelful

4. : a cue used in shuffleboard (sense 2a)

5. : a small abrasive or polishing hand lap used in conjunction with a watchmaker's lathe to finish cylindrical surfaces

6. : the upcurved forward tip of a ski

II. verb

( shoveled or shovelled ; shoveled or shovelled ; shoveling or shovelling -v(ə)liŋ ; shovels )

Etymology: Middle English shovelen, from shovel, n.

transitive verb

1. : to take up and throw with a shovel : turn with a shovel

2. : to dig or clean out (as a ditch) with a shovel

3. : to throw or convey roughly or in the mass as if with a shovel

shoveled his food into his mouth

intransitive verb

: to take up and cast something with a shovel

III. intransitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English shovelen, freq. of shuven, shoven to shove — more at shove

: shuffle

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