Meaning of SKY in English

/ skaɪ; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun

[ C , U ] ( pl. skies ) the space above the earth that you can see when you look up, where clouds and the sun, moon and stars appear

HELP NOTE : You usually say the sky . When sky is used with an adjective, use a ... sky . You can also use the plural form skies , especially when you are thinking about the great extent of the sky


What's that in the sky?

The sky suddenly went dark and it started to rain.

the night sky

a cloudless sky

cloudless skies

a land of blue skies and sunshine

The skies above London were ablaze with a spectacular firework display.


- the sky's the limit

—more at great adjective , pie , praise verb

■ verb

( skies , sky·ing , skied , skied ) [ vn ] to hit a ball very high into the air :

She skied her tee shot.



Middle English (also in the plural denoting clouds), from Old Norse ský cloud. The verb dates from the early 19th cent.

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