Meaning of SKY in English

I. ˈskī noun

( -es )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English, cloud, sky, from Old Norse skȳ cloud; akin to Old English scēo cloud, scua shadow, Old High German scuwo, Old Norse skuggi shadow, Gothic skuggwa mirror, Sanskrit skunāti he covers — more at hide


a. : the expanse of space surrounding the earth : the upper atmosphere — usually used in plural

lifted his tiny hands to the skies — Sherwood Anderson

b. : the expanse appearing as a great vault or arch over the earth : firmament

the sky was a cold stone-grey — Pearl Buck

the daughter of earth and water, and the nursling of the sky — P.B.Shelley

behold a rainbow in the sky — William Wordsworth

a blue sky of spring — William Allingham

the infinitely perilous night sky — V.V.Nabokov

— often used in plural

promise in the skies neither of sun nor of snow — Jean Stafford

the skies they were ashen and sober — E.A.Poe

2. : heaven 2

fate snatch'd her early to the pitying sky — Alexander Pope

— often used in plural

he rais'd a mortal to the skies — John Dryden


a. : meteorological conditions as manifested in the upper atmospheric regions — usually used in plural

stormy skies

the papers forecast clear skies tomorrow

b. : climate — usually used in plural

our temperate English skies — G.G.Coulton

creatures from neighboring fields and skies — R.W.Murray

4. : sky blue

5. : an unrestricted or indefinite amount or degree of something — used in the phrase the sky is the limit

- to the sky

II. verb

( skied or skyed ; skied or skyed ; skying ; skies )

transitive verb

1. chiefly Britain : to toss up (a coin) : flip

skied a copper for heads or tails — S.H.Adams


a. : to hang (as a painting) above the line of vision

have been skied or placed in obscure corners — Carnegie Magazine

b. : to place (as a person) in an inconveniently high place

the world's press, skied up in the gallery — Mollie Panter-Downes

3. : to hit (a ball) high into the air

skied his simple pitch a full 40 yards short of the green — H.W.Wind

4. : to pass (as cotton cloth) in dyeing through air on rollers (as for oxidizing the reduced form of a vat dye)

intransitive verb

1. : to hit a ball high into the air

the batter skied to the center fielder

2. : to rise precipitously

a way to keep insurance rates from skying — Wall Street Journal

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