Meaning of SLOPE in English


/ sləʊp; NAmE sloʊp/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a surface or piece of land that slopes (= is higher at one end than the other)

SYN incline :

a grassy slope

The town is built on a slope .


[ C , usually pl. ] an area of land that is part of a mountain or hill :

the eastern slopes of the Andes

ski slopes

He spends all winter on the slopes (= skiing ) .


[ sing. , U ] the amount by which sth slopes :

a gentle / steep slope

a slope of 45 degrees

the angle of slope


see slippery

■ verb [ v ]


[usually + adv. / prep. ] ( of a horizontal surface ) to be at an angle so that it is higher at one end than the other :

The garden slopes away towards the river.

sloping shoulders


[usually + adv. / prep. ] ( of sth vertical ) to be at an angle rather than being straight or vertical :

His handwriting slopes backwards.

It was a very old house with sloping walls.


[+ adv. / prep. ] ( BrE , informal ) to go somewhere quietly, especially in order to avoid sth/sb

SYN slink :

They got bored waiting for him and sloped off .



late 16th cent. (as a verb): from the obsolete adverb slope , a shortening of aslope . The use of the verb in sense 3 may be related to lope .

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