Meaning of SOW in English

I .

/ səʊ; NAmE soʊ/ verb

—see also sow (II) ( sowed , sown / səʊn; NAmE soʊn/ or sowed , sowed )


sow sth (in / on sth) | sow sth (with sth) to plant or spread seeds in or on the ground :

[ vn ]

Sow the seeds in rows.

The fields around had been sown with wheat.

[ v ]

Water well after sowing.


[ vn ] sow sth (in sth) to introduce or spread feelings or ideas, especially ones that cause trouble :

to sow doubt in sb's mind

to sow confusion


- sow the seeds of sth

- sow (your) wild oats

—more at reap

II .

/ saʊ; NAmE / noun

a female pig

—compare boar , hog

—see also sow (I)


see silk



I . Old English sāwan , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zaaien and German säen .

II . Old English sugu ; related to Dutch zeug , German Sau , from an Indo-European root shared by Latin sus and Greek hus pig.

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