Meaning of BAD in English


adj. 1 poor, wretched, inferior, defective, awful, worthless, miserable, egregious, execrable, substandard, unsatisfactory, disappointing, inadequate, non-standard, Colloq lousy, rotten, crummy, Slang Brit grotty, naff Sometimes they would send him a letter, but he was a bad correspondent We went to see a rather bad play the other night. 2 corrupt, polluted, vitiated, debased, base, vile, foul, rotten, miasmic, noxious, mephitic, unhealthy, poisonous, injurious, dangerous, harmful, hurtful, pernicious, deleterious, ruinous It wasn't healthy to be so near the bad air of the sewer 3 evil, ill, immoral, wicked, vicious, vile, sinful, depraved, awful, villainous, corrupt, amoral, criminal, wrong, unspeakable The man was thoroughly bad and deserved everything he got 4 unpleasant, offensive, disagreeable, inclement, severe, awful, unfavourable, adverse, inclement, unpleasant, Colloq lousy, rotten Surely you're not going sailing in this bad weather?! 5 unfavourable, unlucky, unpropitious, unfortunate, inauspicious, troubled, grim, distressing, discouraging, unpleasant Agreeing to do that job might yet turn out to have been a bad decision 6 off, tainted, spoilt or spoiled, mouldy, stale, rotten, decayed, putrefied, putrid, contaminated The fridge isn't working and all the food has gone bad She ate a bad egg and felt ill the next day. 7 irascible, ill-tempered, grouchy, irritable, nasty, peevish, cross, crotchety, crabby, cranky, curmudgeonly Don't go near the boss - he's been in a bad mood all day 8 sorry, regretful, apologetic, contrite, rueful, sad, conscience-stricken, remorseful, upset She felt bad about having invited me 9 sad, depressed, unhappy, dejected, downhearted, disconsolate, melancholy; inconsolable I feel bad about you losing your purse 10 naughty, ill-behaved, misbehaving, disobedient, unruly, wild; mischievous Ronnie isn't a bad boy, he's just bored 11 distressing, severe, grave, serious, terrible, awful, painful He was laid up with a bad case of the mumps

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