Meaning of BLIND in English


adj. 1 sightless, eyeless, unsighted, purblind, stone-blind He has been blind from birth 2 imperceptive, slow, insensitive, thick, dense, obtuse, stupid, weak-minded, dull-witted, slow-witted, dim-witted, Colloq Brit gormless How blind some parents are! There's another case of the blind leading the blind 3 indiscriminate, undiscriminating, heedless, reckless, rash, impetuous, inconsiderate, unreasoning, mindless, senseless, thoughtless, unthinking, irrational, delusional He did her bidding with the blind obedience of a dog 4 blind to. unaware or unconscious of, impervious or insensible to, unaffected or untouched or unmoved by The critics were blind to her merits as a novelist till many years had passed

v. 5 deceive, blindfold, blinker; bamboozle, hoodwink, fool Wolsey could not blind himself to the true condition of the church How jealousy blinds people! 6 conceal, hide, eclipse, overshadow; dazzle, blindfold The bright lights of the city blinded our view of the airport runway Her beauty blinded him to her greed.

n. 7 shade, curtain, screen, cover, shutter(s), awning The sun is too bright - please draw the blind 8 pretence, pretext, front, cover, smokescreen, stratagem, subterfuge, ruse, trick, deception, Colloq dodge; Slang scam The plumbing service is merely a blind for getting into houses to rob them

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