Meaning of CHILL in English


n. 1 coldness, cold, coolness, sharpness, nip We put on our jackets to ward off the chill of the evening 2 cold, flu, influenza, (la or the) grippe, ague, Technical coryza, Colloq (the) sniffles, sneezles and wheezles Take off those wet clothes before you catch a chill 3 coolness, iciness, frigidity, aloofness; unfriendliness, hostility Mrs Marlow felt the chill in the stare of her husband's ex-wife

adj. 4 cold, cool, numbing, chilling, chilly, raw, penetrating, icy, frigid, wintry, frosty, arctic, polar, glacial A chill easterly wind made me shiver 5 shivering, chilled (through), numb, numbed, numbing, benumbed She kissed me with a lip more chill than stone 6 cold, cold-blooded, aloof, indifferent, insensitive, unemotional, unsympathetic; chilly The prison commandant viewed the corpses with chill detachment

v. 7 cool, freeze, refrigerate, ice The fruit tastes better if it has been chilled 8 dampen, dispirit, depress, deject, dishearten, distress The news of mother's illness chilled us all

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