Meaning of COURSE in English


n. 1 path, way, orbit, route, run, track, ambit, line, circuit, passage We continued on our course The sun pursued its fiery course across the heavens. 2 movement, progress, headway, advance, progression; speed The driver slackens his course at the curves 3 procedure, process, performance, routine, conduct, order, practice, dispatch or despatch, execution In the course of her duties, she handles a great deal of money 4 direction, tack If we stay on this course we'll run aground 5 class, lecture, seminar, programme You should sign up for a course in English grammar 6 of course. naturally, surely, certainly, positively, obviously, definitely, assuredly, by all means; undoubtedly, indubitably, without (a) doubt, no doubt, Colloq US sure: Of course I'll go to the theatre with you!

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