Meaning of EXHAUST in English

v. 1 use (up), expend, consume, finish, deplete, spend, dissipate, run through, squander, waste, fritter away, Slang blow In less than a year, he had exhausted all his funds 2 tire (out), fatigue, weary, wear out, enervate, fag, overtire, sap, strain, tax, weaken, prostrate, debilitate, disable, Colloq frazzle Working sixty hours a week would exhaust anyone 3 empty, drain, evacuate, void, clean or clear out The pump is used to exhaust the chamber of air 4 overdo, overwork, treat thoroughly, deplete, drain, empty I think we've exhausted that topic 5 empty (out), drain (off or out), vent, issue, escape, discharge, run out The fumes exhaust through this tube

n. 6 emanation, effluent, emission, fumes, gas Car exhausts are polluting the atmosphere

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