Meaning of MIXTURE in English


n. 1 assortment, amalgam, amalgamation, medley, combination, mingling, intermingling, composite, blend, jumble, mix, miscellany, mélange, mess, mishmash, hotchpotch or US and Canadian hodgepodge, gallimaufry, farrago, olio, olla podrida, hash, pot-pourri, ragout, goulash, omnium gatherum, salmagundi The design is an unfortunate mixture of many incompatible styles 2 mixing, amalgamation, amalgamating, combining, mingling, intermingling, combination, blend, blending, association, associating, compound, compounding, synthesis, interweaving, merging, merger, fusion, fusing, alloy, alloying The mixture of household ammonia and bleach creates noxious fumes

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