Meaning of NOTE in English


n. 1 See notation, 1, above. 2 message, letter, communication, (piece of) correspondence, memorandum, epistle, postcard or (postal) card, fan letter, love-letter, billet doux, bread-and-butter letter, word, line, thank-you note, Colloq memo, US old-fashioned mash note She sent Rob a note only last week asking him to attend the meeting 3 comment, commentary, remark, observation, explanation, annotation, footnote, side-note, marginalia (pl.), gloss, critique, criticism, Literary scholium, exegesis, eisegesis, Technical shoulder-note Her notes on insect behaviour are of great interest 4 banknote, money, bill, currency, treasury note; promissory note, demand note, bill of exchange, letter of credit, (bank) draft, note of hand; Colloq folding money I found a packet of notes dropped by the bank robbers The bank is holding my note for $10,000. 5 theme, characteristic, motif, element, quality, mood, tone, tenor There is a note of angry frustration that runs through her writing 6 signal, cue, intimation, hint, inkling, suspicion, clue, suggestion, idea, tip, Slang tip-off Her greeting, though warm, contained a note of suspicion On that note, I decided to leave. 7 heed, attention, notice, regard, respect, thought, Colloq US mind Note of the prosecutor's objection to that line of questioning has been taken 8 mark, consequence, substance, importance, moment, weight, distinction, merit, prestige, (high) rank or standing, eminence, prominence, repute, reputation, renown People of note have been entertained at our table 9 tone, sound; key He knows the music but gets the notes wrong 10 notes. jottings, impressions, record(s), report, (thumbnail) sketch, (rough) draft, outline, synopsis The entire account is based on the notes she made during the trial

v. 11 notice, observe, perceive, see, mark, think about, give thought to, consider, contemplate, study, pay attention to, attend to; look into, investigate, check out Have you ever noted how people try to avoid you because of your bad temper? Note how quickly the days seem to grow shorter towards the end of summer A detective has been assigned to note every move the suspect makes. 12 record, register, write down, put or set down, put on record, jot down, put in writing, chronicle The traffic warden noted down the number-plate of the car 13 call attention to, remark on or about, mention, report, touch on, comment on or about The report failed to note the disappearance of the murder weapon

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