Meaning of PATTERN in English


n. 1 model, original, archetype, prototype, exemplar, paragon, ideal, standard, yardstick, criterion, gauge, measure Their life together could serve as a pattern for any couple 2 figure, motif, design, device, decoration, ornament The pattern of the wallpaper clashes with that of the curtains 3 system, order, arrangement, plan, theme; repetition, consistency, orderliness, regularity, sequence, cycle By carefully noting the movements of the heavenly bodies, ancient observers were able to detect a pattern 4 blueprint, diagram, plan, layout, design, draft, guide, template or templet, stencil, mould, matrix These new lighting fixtures are made to a 19th-century pattern 5 sample, example, instance, specimen, representation Were you able to match up your fabric pattern with one of those in the tailor's book? 6 layout, configuration, figure, formation, composition The geese often flew in a V-shaped pattern

v. 7 Often, pattern on. model on, imitate, copy, mimic, duplicate, follow, emulate, simulate She tried to pattern her behaviour on that of her older sister 8 decorate, figure, ornament Cynthia's gifts were wrapped in a beautifully patterned paper

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