Meaning of REASON in English

n. 1 justification, argument, case, explanation, rationale, ground(s), pretext, vindication, defence, why (and wherefore), Literary apologia, apology What reason did they give for confiscating our luggage? 2 judgement, common sense, intelligence, sanity, sense(s), saneness, insight, perspicacity, percipience, understanding, rationality, reasoning, mind, intellect He must have lost his reason to accuse you of embezzlement 3 purpose, aim, intention, object, objective, goal, motive, end, point His reason for leaving now is to be on time for the curtain 4 excuse, rationalization Ignorance of the law is not an accepted reason for breaking it 5 by reason of. because of, on account of, owing to, by virtue of, as a result of; due to He was declared unfit to stand trial by reason of insanity 6 within or in reason. reasonable, sensible, justifiable, rational, fitting, proper, acceptable We will consider any offer for the house that is within reason

v. 7 think, conclude, calculate, reckon, estimate, figure (out), work out, deduce, act or think rationally or logically, ratiocinate, use (one's) judgement or common sense, use (one's) head, put two and two together I reasoned that she would be arriving at the station at that very moment Roy certainly hasn't lost his powers of reasoning. 8 reason with. argue with, remonstrate with, debate with, discuss with, talk over with, plead with, convince; persuade, dissuade, urge, prevail upon George is very stubborn and can't be reasoned with

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