Meaning of RECORD in English

v. 1 write (down), transcribe, document, register, note, make a notation (of), take down, put or set down, log, chronicle, report, itemize, list, enumerate I recorded the events of the day in my diary 2 tell of, relate, recount, narrate, recite The chronicle records an eyewitness account of the battle

n. 3 recording, report, document, log, journal, memorandum, note, notation, minute(s), transactions, archive(s), annal(s), chronicle, diary, account, dossier, register, list, catalogue Patricia has kept a careful record of all the men whose books she has ever read 4 documentation, data, information, evidence; memorial, memento, souvenir There is no record of your birth in the church archive I took away a piece of the Berlin Wall as a record of my visit. 5 (best) performance, track record, accomplishment; time; distance; height Her records for the 110-metre hurdles and the high jump still stand 6 accomplishment(s), deed(s), history, reputation, curriculum vitae, CV, Colloq track record He has a record of being late everywhere His criminal record is none too savoury. 7 disc, recording, album, release, LP (= 'long playing'), 78, 331/3, 45, EP (= 'extended play'), maxisingle, compact disc, CD, Brit gramophone record, US phonograph record, Colloq single, Slang US platter We put a jazz combo together and cut a few records last year 8 off the record. confidential(ly), private(ly), not for publication, secret(ly), in confidence, unofficial(ly), sub rosa We cannot publish his statement, which was off the record Off the record, I'll tell you where Hazel is staying.

adj. 9 record-breaking, extreme Last week we had a record snowfall

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