Meaning of RECORD in English


I. re·cord rə̇ˈkȯ(ə)rd, rēˈ-, -ȯ(ə)d verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English recorden to recall, recite, set down in writing, from Old French recorder, from Latin recordari to call to mind, remember, from re- + cord-, cor heart, mind — more at heart

transitive verb


a. obsolete : recall , remember

b. archaic : sing , warble

hear the lark record her hymns — Edward Fairfax



(1) : to set down in writing : make a written account or note of : furnish written evidence of : put into written form

a people that carefully recorded their history

recorded her impressions in a series of books

recorded the sounds heard in phonetic symbols

(2) : to make or have made an authentic official copy of (as a deed, mortgage, lease) and deposit or have deposited especially as in an office designated by law

(3) : to cause to be noted officially in or as if in writing

recording and tallying the votes

recorded the proceedings of the court


(1) : to make an objective lasting indication of in some mechanical or automatic way : register permanently by mechanical means

studied the intensity of the earthquake as it had been recorded by the seismograph

(2) of an instrument : to point out (data) at a particular time or under particular circumstances on or as if on a scale : show in this way

noticed that at that moment the thermometer recorded 90°

c. : to give evidence of

the extent of the explosion is recorded on the charred tree trunks of the surrounding area


a. : to cause (sound, visual images) to be transferred to and registered on something (as a phonograph disc, magnetic tape) by mechanical usually electronic means in such a way that the thing so transferred and registered can (as by the use of a phonograph, tape recorder) be subsequently reproduced

b. : to register in this way a performance of (as an orchestra, singer, actor) or rendition or playing of (as a piece of music, an instrument)

intransitive verb


a. : to record something

spent the whole day recording

b. : to admit of being recorded

a voice that records beautifully

2. archaic : sing , warble

II. rec·ord ˈrekə(r)d, -ˌkȯ(ə)rd, -ȯ(ə)d noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from recorder to record


a. : the state or fact of being recorded

b. : something (as a monument) on which a record has been made


(1) : evidence, knowledge, or information remaining in permanent form (as a relic, inscription, document)

the record of an extinct people

(2) : an account in writing or print (as in a document) or in some other permanent form (as on a monument) intended to perpetuate a knowledge of acts or events

2. : something that serves to record: as


(1) : a piece of writing that recounts or attests to something

a record of the early history of a nation

(2) : an official contemporaneous document recording the acts of some public body or public officer

a record of city ordinances

(3) : an authentic official copy of a document entered in a book or deposited in the keeping of some officer designated by law — compare conveyance 2b

(4) : an official contemporaneous memorandum stating the proceedings of a court of justice

(5) : an official copy of the legal papers used in a case and of memoranda of the proceedings of the court

b. : something that is known or can be learned or has been recorded: as

(1) : an officially or sometimes nonofficially attested top performance or achievement (as in a competitive sport)

a high jump that broke the record

(2) : cumulative data usually consisting of written systematically arranged notes relating to an individual's or group's activities, abilities, accomplishments, or physical or moral qualities in a particular area (as school, business)

a child with a good school record

carefully kept health records

(3) : a body of known, recorded, or available facts about something : the sum of something done or achieved or the body of data known, recorded, or available about something

looked at the record of the candidate

had a long criminal record

a brilliant record as an executive

3. : something to which sound has been transferred by mechanical usually electronic means and so registered as to be capable of subsequent reproduction by a specially designed instrument ; specifically : a disc with a spiral groove carrying recorded sound

- off the record

- of record

- on record

III. record adjective

: of, relating to, or consisting of something (as a performance, occurrence, condition) that goes beyond or is extraordinary among others of its kind

a record run

record prices

record heat

IV. record noun

: a collection of related items of information (as in a database) treated as a unit

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