Meaning of RECORD in English

n. & v.


1. a a piece of evidence or information constituting an (esp. official) account of something that has occurred, been said, etc. b a document preserving this.

2 the state of being set down or preserved in writing or some other permanent form (is a matter of record).

3 a (in full gramophone record) a thin plastic disc carrying recorded sound in grooves on each surface, for reproduction by a record-player. b a trace made on this or some other medium, e.g. magnetic tape.

4 a an official report of the proceedings and judgement in a court of justice. b a copy of the pleadings etc. constituting a case to be decided by a court (see also court of record).

5 a the facts known about a person's past (has an honourable record of service). b a list of a person's previous criminal convictions.

6 the best performance (esp. in sport) or most remarkable event of its kind on record (often attrib.: a record attempt).

7 an object serving as a memorial of a person or thing; a portrait.

8 Computing a number of related items of information which are handled as a unit.

1. set down in writing or some other permanent form for later reference, esp. as an official record.

2 convert (sound, a broadcast, etc.) into permanent form for later reproduction.

3 establish or constitute a historical or other record of.

Phrases and idioms:

break (or beat) the record outdo all previous performances etc. for the record as an official statement etc. go on record state one's opinion or judgement openly or officially, so that it is recorded. have a record be known as a criminal. a matter of record a thing established as a fact by being recorded. off the record as an unofficial or confidential statement etc. on record officially recorded; publicly known. put (or get or set etc.) the record straight correct a misapprehension. recorded delivery a Post Office service in which the dispatch and receipt of a letter or parcel are recorded. recording angel an angel that supposedly registers each person's good and bad actions. record-player an apparatus for reproducing sound from gramophone records.


recordable adj.

Etymology: ME f. OF record remembrance, recorder record, f. L recordari remember (as RE-, cor cordis heart)

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