Meaning of REMOVAL in English


n. 1 elimination, removing, eradication, taking away The removal of the wallpaper revealed that the plaster underneath was in very poor condition 2 extermination, murder, elimination, killing, slaying, assassination, execution, liquidation, eradication, massacre, slaughter, purge, doing away with, Slang bumping off, rubbing out, doing in, US rub-out, wasting The removal of the finance minister was accomplished by the secret police 3 dismissal, transfer, transference, transferral, shifting, discharge, throwing over, throwing out, deposition, unseating, dethroning, dethronement, displacement, expulsion, ouster, ousting, riddance, purge, Colloq firing, sacking The company functions better since the removal of the former chairman 4 move, transfer, departure, moving Her removal to a branch office was requested by top management 5 moving, house-moving We hired a removal van when we moved to Shropshire

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