Meaning of REMOTE in English

adj. 1 distant, far-away, far-off, removed, outlying, inaccessible The more remote the transmitter, the weaker the signal 2 lonely, isolated, God-forsaken, secluded, out-of-the-way, sequestered, tramontane, ultramontane They spent their holiday on a remote island in the Indian Ocean 3 unfamiliar, obscure, arcane, recondite, subtle, alien, far-fetched, unusual, unlikely Her writing is scattered with references remote to the average reader's experience 4 unrelated, irrelevant, inappropriate, unconnected, outside Her conclusions were not remote from what we now know to be the truth 5 slight, faint, foggy I haven't the remotest idea what you're talking about 6 slight, faint, slender, insignificant, slim, small, meagre, outside, poor, inconsiderable, negligible, improbable, unlikely, implausible There is only a remote chance that the experiment will succeed 7 aloof, detached, withdrawn, reserved, indifferent, standoffish, abstracted He keeps himself quite remote from the hurly-burly of everyday life 8 early, ancient, far-removed, distant The archaeopteryx is a remote ancestor of modern birds

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