Meaning of REMOTE in English

I. adjective


a remote/faint possibility (= something that is not very likely )

There's no point worrying about such a remote possibility.

a remote/isolated area (= a long way from towns and cities )

a remote area of northeast Afghanistan

an outside/a remote chance (= a very small chance )

He still has an outside chance of winning the championship.

remote access

remote control

a missile guided by remote control

remote interrogation

remote sensing

remote working

remote (= far from any towns )

There’s a remote cottage in the mountains where we go for walking holidays.

remote (= far away )

I remember visiting a remote island off the west coast of Ireland.

The islands were so remote that they could only be reached at certain times of the year.

remote (= one that is far away from larger towns )

We need to get food aid to the more remote villages.

the distant/remote past

Rivers of molten lava clearly flowed here in the distant past.




The new ScaNet/RemotePC is designed to give ScaNet users remote access from personal computers via a modem.

There is also no character-based interface for remote access making it clumsy as a server.

This ability to share the desktop has many useful features, like allowing remote access to your office computer.

Auto-dialling and remote access is possible from touch-tone telephones and electronic mail and voice-mail functions may be incorporated at a later date.


Its genes also hint at its remote ancestors .

Our remote ancestors took two hundred million years to learn how to adapt to the land.

Our remote ancestors were among those who found it expedient to change and diversify.


Darlington Community Health Council yesterday discussed the problem of delays in reaching patients who live in the more remote areas of Teesdale.

There is more at stake here than just bringing boxes of sophisticated equipment to remote areas .

The minerals were then shipped to specialists in remote areas .

Those living in the more remote area like Albany, where I did my first workshop, are truly isolated.

School became standard, even in remote areas .

But they do kill more of the lay people in the remote areas .

He chose accessible routes, found accommodations in remote areas and was knowledgeable about local plants, animals and customs.


But they also knew there was a remote chance that their efforts might help to prevent catastrophe.

I was naïve enough to think it had a remote chance .

Powell only has a remote chance of playing, for Reilly's squad has retained its shape and strength.


Applications include mobile facsimile, data sharing and transfer and remote computer access.

You can do this when the terminal window is active, before you dial the remote computer .

The real work is being done by remote computers on the Web.

The large central section of the window displays the remote computer bulletin board.

For example, users can tell the authentication server with which remote computer they want to converse.

It Chapter 5 205 sends two encrypted tokens: one for the user and another to send to the remote computer .


Specification is high - remote control central locking and electric windows.

Any flip of the remote control will serve up countless images of graphic violence.

He would need a hired watcher for that, or a camera operated by remote control .

Batut, whose work predates radio remote control , triggered his shutter by the use of slow burning fuse.

I particularly liked the detachable remote control unit which not only allows you to operate the shutter but also the zoom.

The handset looks like an elongated remote control and weighs only 1 pound.

I roll a joint and fall into bed with my remote control .

Players have a remote control and can channel surf to the channel they want to play on.


As the city slumbers, a slum area in a remote corner of the metropolis goes up in flames.

There were no blurry eyes, no one-on-one sessions with the assistant coaches in a remote corner .

They flip from one airport to another collecting and dumping in remote corners , removed from passenger terminals.

Obscured by clouds and rain in remote corners of croplands, they damaged little more than anthills or irrigation networks.

Nobody is quite sure what is happening in remote corners of KwaZulu-Natal like Izingolweni.

Sibley lives in a remote corner of a remote mountain chain in the wilds of Arizona.

Much more impact can be made by delving into the remote corners of society in pursuit of the exotic.

A question bubbled from some remote corner of his brain, as uncomfortable as the children's sores.


Personal computers are now commonly found in site huts, even in remote locations where they can be powered by car batteries.

As might be expected, phone companies are major advocates and practitioners of working from home or other remote locations .

A lot of the places where Ann and I fish are in remote locations .

These can give people who have to live in certain remote locations a slightly better chance of obtaining appropriate accommodation.

They are not particularly high, but very elegant and their remote location makes a visit a must.

Those responsible for running major contracts in more remote locations may be on a bachelor status with more frequent air tickets.

Because of the remote location , Stornoway Fire Brigade members were flown in by helicopter.

The computer systems at the Grid Control Centre are supported by standby facilities on site and at a remote location .


It may be that the old pictographic signs acquired a special magic power associated with the remote past .

Besides the cyclical view and the progressive, there was the important tradition concerning a Golden Age in the remote past .

He brings us literally face to face with the remote past .


It had been a remote possibility , but it had existed.

But that remote possibility , he knew, had already been examined and dismissed.

On the other hand, there is just the remote possibility that some one will invent it tomorrow.

The pipeline is no longer a remote possibility .


Amelie pushed on through Dax, stopping overnight in remote villages and negotiating the various command posts nervously.

As he had a car he invariably conducted those in the more remote villages such as Carlton, Dean, Millbrook and Riseley.

Transports in and out carrying shipments of rice that were dropped into remote villages .

Up in the remote villages they would be reason ably safe and the people would help them.

During my stay in a remote village in Kangwon Province, watching me shampoo my hair became a spectacle.

Ted Smith owned a smallholding in a remote village in South Lincolnshire.


Analysts say a political solution is more remote than ever.

Peter's father was always remote and silent around his family.

Space probes operate in dark, cold, remote parts of the solar system.

The chances of such an accident happening again are very remote .

The helicopter crashed in a remote desert area.

The plane went down in a remote forest area.

The procedure was monitored with remote cameras.

There is a remote possibility the program could be halted, if funding were cut.

There is only a remote prospect of peace in the region.

They moved to a remote farmhouse in North Wales.


But they submitted that the damage was too remote .

In Izmir, passengers transfer to a 70-foot yacht that sails along the coast, anchoring at remote bays and villages.

It is your public name on the remote system, and you generally create it the first time you call in.

Much effort went into tracing remote family connections abroad on the off chance of identifying a benefactor.

On stage vacuum control for remote rotation is available if required.

The problems of getting copy on to the system from a remote source was, therefore, already solved.

The real work is being done by remote computers on the Web.

II. noun


I try three remotes before one works.

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