Meaning of REMOTE in English

I. rə̇ˈmōt, rēˈ-, usu -ōd.+V adjective

( often -er/-est )

Etymology: Latin remotus, from past participle of removēre to move back, move away — more at remove


a. : separated by intervals greater than usual : far apart

b. : not extending the full distance from the margin of the pileus to the stipe

a mushroom with a remote veil

2. : far removed in space, time, relation, or likeness : not near or immediate : far , distant

the church was too remote for a walking bridal party — Thomas Hardy

from remote antiquity up to modern times — S.F.Mason

work to which remote generations may look back with pride — Benjamin Farrington

fourth cousins and remoter relatives

: divergent

nations as remote in culture and civilization as Poland and China, … Czechoslovakia and Morocco — H.A.Rusk

fantastically unreal and utterly remote from the slightest vestige of truth — John Russell b.1872

: separated , abstracted

the ideas of an ether, of waves in it … are remote from ordinary experience — A.N.Whitehead

3. : located out of the way : secluded

the Coast Guard Service renders invaluable aid to natives living along the remote seacoast — G.A.Parks

the remote atmosphere of these retired wold villages — British Book News


a. : not proximate or acting directly : not primary

b. : not arising from the effect of that which is primary or proximate in its action

remote damages

— compare consequential

5. : small in degree : slight

if one solves the economic difficulties, the danger of war becomes remote — F.D.Smith & Barbara Wilcox

hasn't the remotest notion what time it is

6. : distant in manner : aloof , inaccessible

they can be cold or warm, remote or friendly — John Mason Brown


a. : arising elsewhere than from the part of the body that makes a movement — opposed to resident

b. : not present to the senses at the moment

II. noun

( -s )

1. : one that is remote

2. : a radio or television program or portion of a program (as sports and news events) originating outside the studio

III. adverb

( often -er/-est )

: at a distance

IV. adjective

: acting, acted on, or controlled indirectly or from a distance

time-sharing and other remote computing services — GT&E Annual Report

also : relating to the acquisition of information about a distant object (as by radar or photography) without coming into physical contact with it

remote sensing instruments

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