Meaning of SIN in English

n. 1 trespass, transgression, offence, wrong, impiety, misdeed, profanation, desecration, iniquity, evil, devilry, sacrilege, crime, infraction, misdeed, dereliction, infringement, violation, misdemeanour, fault, foible, peccadillo How many sins have been committed in the name of righteousness! It's a sin to tell a lie The seven deadly sins are anger, covetousness, envy, gluttony, lust, pride, and sloth. 2 wickedness, sinfulness, vice, corruption, ungodliness, badness, evil, wrongfulness, iniquity, iniquitousness, immorality, depravity, impiety, irreverence, impiousness, sacrilege His brother Edmund was conceived in sin, and sin ruled his entire life

v. 3 transgress, offend, fall (from grace), lapse, go wrong, stray, go astray, err, Biblical or archaic trespass Strictly speaking, we can sin only against God

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