Meaning of SPILL in English


v. 1 pour (out or over), overflow, slop or run or brim over The milk spilt all over the floor 2 waste, throw out, lose Don't cry over spilt milk 3 spill the beans. reveal or tell or disclose or divulge all or everything, blab, tattle, let the cat out of the bag, confess, Slang squeal, be a stool-pigeon or stoolie, spill one's guts, sing (like a canary), Brit blow the gaff Finnegan spilled the beans to the cops

n. 4 outpouring, flood, leak, leakage Don't tell me there's been another oil spill! 5 fall, tumble, accident, Colloq cropper, header: Crutchley had a nasty spill at the third fence in the Grand National

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