Meaning of SUPPORT in English


v. 1 back (up), stand by, help, bolster, uphold, brace, strengthen, fortify, buttress, prop (up), shore up, reinforce, boost, champion, assist, take up the cudgels for, aid, promote, forward, second, advance, advocate, stand up for, be supportive (of or in), Colloq stick up for Peterson agreed to support him in his bid for the presidency 2 brace, hold up, carry, prop (up); strengthen, shore up, reinforce, fortify, buttress You need a column to support this beam 3 tolerate, bear, stand (for), suffer, submit to, undergo, brook, stomach, endure, abide, countenance, face, Brit stick, Colloq put up with He cannot support the notion that she might be guilty 4 pay for, fund, maintain, keep, finance, subsidize, underwrite, sponsor, Colloq US bankroll I can no longer support myself or my family 5 sustain, withstand, stand, take, bear, tolerate, hold up under, weather His legs were too weak to support his own weight 6 verify, corroborate, authenticate, vouch for, endorse, confirm, affirm, bear out, attest to, certify, substantiate, validate, ratify Can anyone support his alibi?

n. 7 help, backing, backup, reinforcement, bolstering, encouragement, reinforcing, fortifying, assistance, aid, succour, sustenance Thank you for your support over the years 8 brace, prop, stay, frame, foundation, underpinning, substructure, truss, beam, column, pillar, strut, guy, guy wire, mainstay, buttress, bolster, reinforcement, supporter The supports failed under the grandstand and it fell, injuring a few Alan was a tremendous support during my illness. 9 sustenance, (living) expenses, keep, maintenance, subsistence, upkeep; finances, funding Mona is suing David for the support of their child He lives mainly on government support.

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