Meaning of TREAT in English


v. 1 handle, manage, behave or act toward(s), deal with; use Why should we treat female employees any differently? 2 handle, manage, deal with, discuss, touch on or upon, consider, take up, study, examine, explore, investigate, scrutinize, analyse, go into, probe, survey, expound (on), criticize, review, critique That subject is treated in Chapter VI 3 nurse, doctor, attend, care for, look after, prescribe for, medicate He is being treated for gallstones 4 entertain, take out, pay for, regale, play host to; wine and dine Our visitors treated us when we went out to dinner yesterday 5 treat (someone) to (something). pay (the bill) for, buy (something) for Edward treated us all to ice-cream

n. 6 favour, gift, present, boon, bonus, premium, Colloq US and Canadian freebie Put your money away - this is my treat

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