Meaning of WELL in English

adv. 1 satisfactorily, sufficiently, adequately, agreeably, nicely, (well) enough, Colloq OK or okay Alan is doing well these days 2 successfully, famously, marvellously, wonderfully, fabulously, incredibly, splendidly, admirably, spectacularly, excellently, superbly Barbara and David really get along well together 3 articulately, understandably, expressively, correctly, accurately, properly, proficiently, effectively, artistically, poetically; grammatically Henry will make a good announcer because he speaks well 4 comfortably, luxuriously, prosperously, extravagantly, showily, pretentiously, ostentatiously, sumptuously, grandly, opulently How can Rita live so well with no visible income? Living well is the best revenge 5 graciously, kindly, highly, favourably, glowingly, approvingly, warmly, genially, cordially, amiably, kind-heartedly, warm-heartedly, affectionately, lovingly Rudolph has always spoken well of you, Aileen 6 skilfully, expertly, adeptly, proficiently, ably Does Anne play well enough to compete professionally? Paul sings well 7 far, by a long way, immeasurably, (very) much; far and away, definitely, positively, obviously, clearly, plainly, manifestly, evidently, unquestionably, decidedly, beyond (the shadow of a) doubt, Colloq by a long chalk Keep well away from the fuel tank before lighting that cigarette She is well beyond the beginner stage. This painting is well worth what you paid. 8 good-naturedly, equably, coolly, serenely, calmly, soberly, unexcitedly, sedately Burt took the bad news about his car very well 9 likely, probably, in all probability, doubtlessly, without doubt, not unexpectedly, indeed He might well say he needs no help 10 easily, without difficulty Though he gave her the money, he could not well spare it 11 completely, entirely, wholly Before she could well finish her sentence, he was out of the house 12 thoroughly (cooked), (cooked) through and through, completely (cooked) He likes his roast beef well done 13 intimately, closely, familiarly, personally; thoroughly, profoundly, soundly, fully Do you know Boris well? I learnt my lesson well 14 fairly, justly, suitably, properly, adequately, reasonably, fully, generously, amply James is well paid for his work 15 happily, mercifully, fortunately, luckily After the divorce, both said they were well rid of each other

adj. 16 healthy, fit, hale, robust, vigorous, hearty, in fine or good fettle, Colloq in good shape Wendy felt really well after her holiday 17 satisfactory, pleasing, agreeable, good, right, all right, fine, proper, OK or okay When he phoned the office, they told him all was well

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