Meaning of AS in English


adv., conj., & pron.

--adv. & conj. (adv. as antecedent in main sentence; conj. in relative clause expressed or implied) ... to the extent to which ... is or does etc. (I am as tall as he; am as tall as he is; am not so tall as he; (colloq.) am as tall as him; as many as six; as recently as last week; it is not as easy as you think).

--conj. (with relative clause expressed or implied)

1. (with antecedent so) expressing result or purpose (came early so as to meet us; we so arranged matters as to avoid a long wait; so good as to exceed all hopes).

2 (with antecedent adverb omitted) having concessive force ( good as it is although it is good; try as he might although he might try).

3 (without antecedent adverb) a in the manner in which (do as you like; was regarded as a mistake; they rose as one man). b in the capacity or form of (I speak as your friend; Olivier as Hamlet; as a matter of fact). c during or at the time that (came up as I was speaking; fell just as I reached the door). d for the reason that; seeing that (as you are here, we can talk). e for instance (cathedral cities, as York).

--rel.pron. (with verb of relative clause expressed or implied)

1. that, who, which (I had the same trouble as you; he is a writer, as is his wife; such money as you have; such countries as France).

2 (with sentence as antecedent) a fact that ( he lost, as you know).

Phrases and idioms:

as and when to the extent and at the time that (I'll do it as and when I want to). as for with regard to (as for you, I think you are wrong). as from on and after (a specified date). as if (or though) as would be the case if (acts as if he were in charge; as if you didn't know!; looks as though we've won). as it is (or as is) in the existing circumstances or state. as it were in a way; to a certain extent (he is, as it were, infatuated). as long as see LONG(1). as much see MUCH. as of

1. as from.

2 as at (a specified time). as per see PER. as regards see REGARD. as soon as see SOON. as such see SUCH. as though see as if. as to with respect to; concerning (said nothing as to money; as to you, I think you are wrong). as was in the previously existing circumstances or state. as well see WELL(1). as yet until now or a particular time in the past (usu. with neg. and with implied reserve about the future : have received no news as yet).

Etymology: reduced form of OE alsw{aacute} ALSO 2. n. (pl. asses) a Roman copper coin.

AS - abbr. Anglo-Saxon.

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