Meaning of CHAPEL in English


n.1 a a place for private Christian worship in a large church or esp. a cathedral, with its own altar and dedication (Lady chapel). b a place of Christian worship attached to a private house or institution.

2 Brit. a a place of worship for nonconformist bodies. b (predic.) an attender at or believer in nonconformist worship (they are strictly chapel). c a chapel service. d attendance at a chapel.

3 an Anglican church subordinate to a parish church.

4 Printing a the members or branch of a printers' trade union at a specific place of work. b a meeting of them.

Phrases and idioms:

chapel of ease an Anglican chapel for the convenience of remote parishioners. chapel of rest an undertaker's mortuary. chapel royal a chapel in a royal palace. father of chapel (or the chapel) the shop steward of a printers' chapel.

Etymology: ME f. OF chapele f. med.L cappella dimin. of cappa cloak: the first chapel was a sanctuary in which St Martin's sacred cloak (cappella) was preserved

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