Meaning of CONSERVATIVE in English


adj. & n.


1. a averse to rapid change. b (of views, taste, etc.) moderate, avoiding extremes (conservative in his dress).

2 (of an estimate etc.) purposely low; moderate, cautious.

3 (Conservative) of or characteristic of Conservatives or the Conservative Party.

4 tending to conserve.


1. a conservative person.

2 (Conservative) a supporter or member of the Conservative Party.

Phrases and idioms:

Conservative Judaism Judaism allowing only minor changes in traditional ritual etc. Conservative Party

1. a British political party promoting free enterprise and private ownership.

2 a similar party elsewhere. conservative surgery surgery that seeks to preserve tissues as far as possible.


conservatism n. conservatively adv. conservativeness n.

Etymology: ME f. LL conservativus (as conserve)

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