Meaning of FALSE in English

adj. & adv.


1. not according with fact; wrong, incorrect (a false idea).

2 a spurious, sham, artificial (false gods; false teeth; false modesty). b acting as such; appearing to be such, esp. deceptively (a false lining).

3 illusory; not actually so (a false economy).

4 improperly so called (false acacia).

5 deceptive.

6 (foll. by to) deceitful, treacherous, or unfaithful.

7 illegal (false imprisonment).

--adv. in a false manner (esp. play false).

Phrases and idioms:

false acacia see ACACIA. false alarm an alarm given needlessly. false bedding Geol. CROSS-BEDDING. false colours deceitful pretence. false dawn a transient light in the east before dawn. false gharial see GHARIAL. false pretences misrepresentations made with intent to deceive (esp. under false pretences). false rib floating rib. false start

1. an invalid or disallowed start in a race.

2 an unsuccessful attempt to begin something. false step a slip; a mistake. false topaz CITRINE.


falsely adv. falseness n. falsity n. (pl. -ies).

Etymology: OE fals and OF fals, faus f. L falsus past part. of fallere deceive

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