Meaning of FALSE in English

superl not in tune.

2. false ·adv not truly; not honestly; falsely.

3. false ·adj to feign; to pretend to make.

4. false ·adj to report falsely; to falsify.

5. false ·adj to mislead by want of truth; to deceive.

6. false ·adj to betray; to falsify.

7. false ·superl uttering falsehood; unveracious; given to deceit; dishnest; as, a false witness.

8. false ·superl not essential or permanent, as parts of a structure which are temporary or supplemental.

9. false ·superl not according with truth or reality; not true; fitted or likely to deceive or disappoint; as, a false statement.

10. false ·superl not well founded; not firm or trustworthy; erroneous; as, a false claim; a false conclusion; a false construction in grammar.

11. false ·superl not genuine or real; assumed or designed to deceive; counterfeit; hypocritical; as, false tears; false modesty; false colors; false jewelry.

12. false ·superl not faithful or loyal, as to obligations, allegiance, vows, ·etc.; untrue; treacherous; perfidious; as, a false friend, lover, or subject; false to promises.

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