Meaning of FLEET in English

1. n.1 a a number of warships under one commander-in-chief. b (prec. by the) all the warships and merchant-ships of a nation.

2 a number of ships, aircraft, buses, lorries, taxis, etc. operating together or owned by one proprietor.

Phrases and idioms:

Fleet Admiral see ADMIRAL. Fleet Air Arm hist. the aviation service of the Royal Navy.

Etymology: OE fleot ship, shipping f. fleotan float, FLEET(5) 2. adj. poet. literary swift; nimble.


fleetly adv. fleetness n.

Etymology: prob. f. ON flj{oacute}tr f. Gmc: cf. FLEET(5) 3. n. dial.

1. a creek; an inlet.

2 (the Fleet) a an underground stream running into the Thames east of Fleet St. b hist. a prison that stood near it.

Phrases and idioms:

Fleet Street

1. the London press.

2 British journalism or journalists.

Etymology: OE fleot f. Gmc: cf. FLEET(5) 4. adj. & adv. dial.

--adj. (of water) shallow.

--adv. at or to a small depth (plough fleet).

Etymology: orig. uncert.: perh. f. OE fleat (unrecorded), rel. to FLEET(5) 5. v.intr. archaic 1 glide away; vanish; be transitory.

2 (usu. foll. by away) (of time) pass rapidly; slip away.

3 move swiftly; fly.

Etymology: OE fleotan float, swim f. Gmc

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