Meaning of GANG in English


1. n. & v.


1. a a band of persons acting or going about together, esp. for criminal purposes. b colloq. such a band pursuing a purpose causing disapproval.

2 a set of workers, slaves, or prisoners.

3 a set of tools arranged to work simultaneously. arrange (tools etc.) to work in coordination.

Phrases and idioms:

gang-bang sl. an occasion on which several men successively have sexual intercourse with one woman. gang up colloq.

1. (often foll. by with) act in concert.

2 (foll. by on) combine against.

Etymology: orig. going, journey, f. ON gangr, ganga GOING, corresp. to OE gang 2. v.intr. Sc. go.

Phrases and idioms:

gang agley (of a plan etc.) go wrong.

Etymology: OE gangan: cf. GANG(1)

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