Meaning of -INE in English



suffix forming adjectives, meaning 'belonging to, of the nature of' (Alpine; asinine).

Etymology: from or after F - in -ine, or f. L -inus 2.

suffix forming adjectives esp. from names of minerals, plants, etc. (crystalline).

Etymology: L -inus from or after Gk -inos 3.

suffix forming feminine nouns (heroine; margravine).

Etymology: F f. L -ina f. Gk -ine, or f. G -in 4.


1. forming (esp. abstract) nouns (discipline; medicine).

2 Chem. forming nouns denoting derived substances, esp. alkaloids, halogens, amines, and amino acids.

Etymology: F f. L -ina (fem.) -INE(1)

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