Meaning of -ING in English


suffix forming gerunds and nouns from verbs (or occas. from nouns), denoting:

1. a the verbal action or its result (asking; carving; fighting; learning). b the verbal action as described or classified in some way (tough going).

2 material used for or associated with a process etc. (piping; washing).

3 an occupation or event (banking; wedding).

4 a set or arrangement of (colouring; feathering).

Etymology: OE -ung, -ing f. Gmc 2.


1. forming the present participle of verbs (asking; fighting), often as adjectives (charming; strapping).

2 forming adjectives from nouns (hulking) and verbs (balding).

Etymology: ME alt. of OE -ende, later - inde 3.

suffix forming nouns meaning 'one belonging to' or 'one having the quality of', surviving esp. in names of coins and fractional parts (farthing; gelding; riding).

Etymology: OE f. Gmc

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