Meaning of -ID in English



suffix forming adjectives (arid; rapid).

Etymology: F -ide f. L -idus 2.

suffix forming nouns:

1. general (pyramid).

2 Biol. of structural constituents (plastid).

3 Bot. of a plant belonging to a family with a name in -aceae (orchid).

Etymology: from or after F -ide f. L -is -idis f. Gk -is -ida or -idos 3.

suffix forming nouns denoting:

1. Zool. an animal belonging to a family with a name in -idae or a class with a name in -ida (canid; arachnid).

2 a member of a person's family (Seleucid from Seleucus).

3 Astron. a a meteor in a group radiating from a specified constellation (Leonid from Leo). b a star of a class like one in a specified constellation (cepheid).

Etymology: from or after L -ides, pl. -idae or -ida 4.

suffix esp. US var. of -IDE.

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