Meaning of INSTRUMENT in English

n. & v.


1. a tool or implement, esp. for delicate or scientific work.

2 (in full musical instrument) a device for producing musical sounds by vibration, wind, percussion, etc.

3 a a thing used in performing an action (the meeting was an instrument in his success). b a person made use of (is merely their instrument).

4 a measuring-device, esp. in an aeroplane, serving to determine its position in darkness etc.

5 a formal, esp. legal, document.

1. arrange (music) for instruments.

2 equip with instruments (for measuring, recording, controlling, etc.).

Phrases and idioms:

instrument board (or panel) a surface, esp. in a car or aeroplane, containing the dials etc. of measuring-devices.

Etymology: ME f. OF instrument or L instrumentum (as INSTRUCT)

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