Meaning of LEAF in English


n. & v.

--n. (pl. leaves)

1. a each of several flattened usu. green structures of a plant, usu. on the side of a stem or branch and the main organ of photosynthesis. b other similar plant structures, e.g. bracts, sepals, and petals (floral leaf).

2 a foliage regarded collectively. b the state of having leaves out (a tree in leaf).

3 the leaves of tobacco or tea.

4 a single thickness of paper, esp. in a book with each side forming a page.

5 a very thin sheet of metal, esp. gold or silver.

6 a the hinged part or flap of a door, shutter, table, etc. b an extra section inserted to extend a table.


1. intr. put forth leaves.

2 tr. (foll. by through) turn over the pages of (a book etc.).

Phrases and idioms:

leaf-green the colour of green leaves. leaf insect any insect of the family Phylliidae, having a flattened body leaflike in appearance. leaf-miner any of various larvae burrowing in leaves, esp. moth caterpillars of the family Gracillariidae. leaf-monkey a langur. leaf-mould soil consisting chiefly of decayed leaves. leaf spring a spring made of strips of metal. leaf-stalk a petiole.


leafage n. leafed adj. (also in comb.). leafless adj. leaflessness n. leaflike adj.

Etymology: OE leaf f. Gmc

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