Meaning of MEAL in English


1. n.1 an occasion when food is eaten.

2 the food eaten on one occasion.

Phrases and idioms:

make a meal of

1. treat (a task etc.) too laboriously or fussily.

2 consume as a meal. meals on wheels Brit. a service by which meals are delivered to old people, invalids, etc.


1. a ticket entitling one to a meal, esp. at a specified place with reduced cost.

2 a person or thing that is a source of food or income.

Etymology: OE m{aelig}l mark, fixed time, meal f. Gmc 2. n.1 the edible part of any grain or pulse (usu. other than wheat) ground to powder.

2 Sc. oatmeal.

3 US maize flour.

4 any powdery substance made by grinding.

Phrases and idioms:

meal-beetle an insect, Tenebrio molitor, infesting granaries etc. meal-worm the larva of the meal-beetle.

Etymology: OE melu f. Gmc

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