Meaning of PERMANENT in English


adj. lasting, or intended to last or function, indefinitely (opp. TEMPORARY).

Phrases and idioms:

permanent magnet a magnet retaining its magnetic properties without continued excitation. Permanent Secretary (or Under-secretary etc.) Brit. a senior grade in the Civil Service, often a permanent adviser to a minister. permanent set

1. the irreversible deformation of a substance after being subjected to stress.

2 the amount of this. permanent tooth a tooth succeeding a milk tooth in a mammal, and lasting most of the mammal's life. permanent wave an artificial wave in the hair, intended to last for some time. permanent way Brit. the finished roadbed of a railway.


permanence n. permanency n. permanentize (also -ise). permanently adv.

Etymology: ME f. OF permanent or L permanere (as PER-, manere remain)

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