Meaning of PLASTER in English


n. & v.


1. a soft pliable mixture esp. of lime putty with sand or Portland cement etc. for spreading on walls, ceilings, etc., to form a smooth hard surface when dried.

2 Brit. sticking-plaster (see STICK(2)).

3 hist. a curative or protective substance spread on a bandage etc. and applied to the body (mustard plaster).

1. cover (a wall etc.) with plaster or a similar substance.

2 (often foll. by with) coat thickly or to excess; bedaub (plastered the bread with jam; the wall was plastered with slogans).

3 stick or apply (a thing) thickly like plaster (plastered glue all over it).

4 (often foll. by down) make (esp. hair) smooth with water, cream, etc.; fix flat.

5 (as plastered adj.) sl. drunk.

6 apply a medical plaster or plaster cast to.

7 sl. bomb or shell heavily.

Phrases and idioms:

plaster cast

1. a bandage stiffened with plaster of Paris and applied to a broken limb etc.

2 a statue or mould made of plaster. plaster of Paris fine white plaster made of gypsum and used for making plaster casts etc. plaster saint iron. a person regarded as being without moral faults or human frailty.


plasterer n. plastery adj.

Etymology: ME f. OE & OF plastre or F plastrer f. med.L plastrum f. L emplastrum f. Gk emplastron

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