Meaning of POST in English

1. n. & v.


1. a long stout piece of timber or metal set upright in the ground etc.: a to support something, esp. in building. b to mark a position, boundary, etc. c to carry notices.

2 a pole etc. marking the start or finish of a race.

1. (often foll. by up) a attach (a paper etc.) in a prominent place; stick up (post no bills). b announce or advertise by placard or in a published text.

2 publish the name of (a ship etc.) as overdue or missing.

3 placard (a wall etc.) with bills etc.

4 US achieve (a score in a game etc.).

Phrases and idioms:

post-mill a windmill pivoted on a post and turning to catch the wind.

Etymology: OE f. L postis: in ME also f. OF etc. 2. n., v., & adv.


1. Brit. the official conveyance of parcels, letters, etc. (send it by post).

2 Brit. a single collection, dispatch, or delivery of these; the letters etc. dispatched (has the post arrived yet?).

3 Brit. a place where letters etc. are dealt with; a post office or postbox (take it to the post).

4 hist. a one of a series of couriers who carried mail on horseback between fixed stages. b a letter-carrier; a mail cart.


1. tr. put (a letter etc.) in the post.

2 tr. (esp. as posted adj.) (often foll. by up) supply a person with information (keep me posted).

3 tr. a enter (an item) in a ledger. b (often foll. by up) complete (a ledger) in this way. c carry (an entry) from an auxiliary book to a more formal one, or from one account to another.

4 intr. a travel with haste, hurry. b hist. travel with relays of horses.

--adv. express; with haste.

Phrases and idioms:

post-chaise hist. a travelling carriage hired from stage to stage or drawn by horses hired in this manner. post exchange US Mil. a shop at a military camp etc. post-free Brit. carried by post free of charge or with the postage prepaid. post-haste with great speed. post-horn a valveless horn formerly used to announce the arrival of the post. Post Office

1. the public department or corporation responsible for postal services and (in some countries) telecommunication.

2 (post office) a a room or building where postal business is carried on. b US postman's knock. post-office box a numbered place in a post office where letters are kept until called for. post-paid on which postage has been paid. post room the department of a company that deals with incoming and outgoing mail. post-town a town with a post office, esp. one that is not a sub-office of another.

Etymology: F poste (fem.) f. It. posta ult. f. L ponere posit- place 3. n. & v.


1. a place where a soldier is stationed or which he patrols.

2 a place of duty.

3 a a position taken up by a body of soldiers. b a force occupying this. c a fort.

4 a situation, paid employment.

5 trading post.

6 Naut. hist. a commission as an officer in command of a vessel of 20 guns or more.

1. place or station (soldiers, an employee, etc.).

2 appoint to a post or command.

Phrases and idioms:

first (or last) post Brit. a bugle-call giving notice of the hour of retiring at night. last post Brit. a bugle-call blown at military funerals etc.

Etymology: F poste (masc.) f. It. posto f. Rmc postum (unrecorded) f. L ponere posit- place

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